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Are you from Mars or from Venus?

Sustainable business requires an effort, which combines masculine and feminine values. That’s why we need women who raise their voices and men who reclaim their hearts. Are you one of them?

– Hillary is from Mars, Obama is from Venus. This was the headline of an article during the US presidential election campaign back in 2007.

Because, as the article explained, Obama was the warm, soft and tender candidate with a great smile calling for national soul-searching with key messages like “We can discover the better part of ourselves as a nation” and “We can dream big dreams.”

In contrast, Hillary Clinton was the competent and authoritative candidate, repeatedly telling people that they should let her take control of the country, that she was ready to lead, and that she wanted to “be the president who sets goals again.”

In other words, the leading man was a woman and the leading woman was a man. Or….?

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