The Author

Inspirational speakerTania Ellis is a Danish-British prize-winning writer, speaker and business innovator, who specializes in social business trends and strategies.

With over 20 years of work experience from the business sector, 12 of the years in various management positions, and an Executive MBA from Henley Management College in London, she has extensive theoretical and practical experience in bridging people’s needs with business needs.

Tania Ellis has over the past decade run the Scandinavian-based communications and consulting agency The Social Business Company® (former Inspiratorium®), where she gives advice and inspiration on social business trends and social business practices to a wide range of national and international private, public and civil organisations, including large corporate brands, NGOs, educational institutions, ministries, municipalities, think tanks and social entrepreneurs.

As one of Scandinavia’s leading social business experts, Tania Ellis often features in the media as a trendspotter and opinion leader, and is an in-demand speaker.

Tania Ellis has authored dozens of articles on business trends, and her book contributions include the first Danish book on social innovation and social entrepreneurship, De Nye Pionerer (Jyllands Postens Forlag 2006), The CSR World Guide (Greenleaf Publishing, 2010) and the Danish anthology on social entrepreneurship, Socialt Entreprenørskab (Børsens Forlag 2010). She has also contributed to InterfaceFLOR’s Danish 2007 sustainability report, En Bæredygtig Fremtid (A Sustainable Future) and to the Confederation of Danish Industry’s 2009 Business Summit publication, Fremtiden er Tæt På (In the Near Future).

The idea of how both social and economic value creation can be achieved is always core to her message.