The New Pioneers
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Celebrating The New Pioneers

Today I will be celebrating the publication of The New Pioneers with a little reception in Copenhagen. This is a great occasion to gather friends and family as well as some of the many practictioners, opinionformers and experts on sustainable innovation and social business issues.

The reception is held at soup and cocktail bar Soupanatural with the wonderful motto: “Don’t panic – it’s organic”. Feel free to drop by!

At the reception my Kaospilot-friends from the untraditional communications agency Kadaver will promote their legendary Bangura Bag project – a live case of how to bridge economic and social value creation.

While we are celebrating, reception guests are invited to write their comments here on the blog. Let’s see what they have in their hearts and on their minds!

Follow-up: unfortunately – we found out during the reception – there are technical problems which mean that it is currently not possible to use the blog’s comments fields. We are working to find the cause of this error – bear with us!

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