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The New Pioneers Case of the Month: General Electric’s Health Mission

Like an increasing number of other companies, General Electric (GE) has realized that it can create more value from its philanthropic contributions, if they are related to their core business. One example is GEs programme Developing Health Globally.
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The New Pioneers Case of the Month: Peepoople – taking the backdoor to sanitation

Just imagine for a moment that you did not have a toilet. Scary, isn’t it? This the reality for over 2.6 billion people on the planet, who lack access to even the simplest latrine. Peepoople has found a solution: a single-use, biodegradable and self-sanitising Peepoo plastic bag which serves as a personal, portable and low-cost latrine. Continue reading

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global health partnerships
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Partnerships for global health

Improving global health is no longer only the job of governments, the EU, the UN or the large number of non-governmental organizations. Drug companies are also putting global health on their agendas. Engaging in partnerships is a key principle. Continue reading

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Obesity_Chronic diseases
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The silent killers

While credit crunch, climate change, pandemics, regional conflicts and natural disasters dominate media headlines, less attention is given to one of the world’s most lethal silent killers: lifestyle-related chronic disease.
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