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The New Pioneers Case of the Month: General Electric’s Health Mission

For most of women, pregnancy is a time of thrilling anticipation to become a mother, but for some pregnancy can be a possible death sentence, it all depends on where you live. The same goes for the probability of surviving your childhood, or the quality of treatment when facing a serious illnesses such as malaria or HIV.

Private companies have traditionally not given problems such as these much attention, but times are changing.

General Electric is not only the 4th largest company in the world active in a wide array of segments and countries. It is also a company with clearly defined social and environmental ambitions. And like an increasing number of other companies, GE has realized that it can create more value from its philanthropic contributions, if they are related to their core business.

One example is GEs programme Developing Health Globally. How are they running the programme, and what can we learn from them?

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