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The four CSR megatrends for 2013

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Megatrend #1 – Clear purpose: Put purpose before profit, and make money anyway

Commercial companies have to work with purposes that have more vigour and appeal to both the hearts and minds of their stakeholders. Ultimately, Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) must become (a part of) the company’s business model.

Megatrend #2 – Corporate engagement: Turn your employees into CSR managers.

The top-down approach to CSR cannot stand alone. Employees need to be given a voice, and must be actively involved, no matter where in the company they are placed – accounting, marketing, HR or production.

Megatrend #3 –  Collaborative co-creation: Shared-value partnerships with social entrepreneurs.

Shared value partnerships between commercial companies and social entrepreneurs will pave the way for new solutions that solve both social issues and creates economic value = corporate social innovation.

Megatrend #4 – Clear communication: Goodbye to CSR reporting – hello to social media

Nobody reads CSR reports anyway (besides job applicants, students and CSR consultants). Using social media for online reporting opens up to new possibilities for social interaction and engagement.

To read the full blog post with examples for inspiration, please go to our new blog website here

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  • Greg | http://www.charitykick.com

    Great post! At CharityKick we’re trying to bring companies to put some fun in their fundraisers with our charity dares. Dares allow users to nominate anyone they like, friends, colleagues, or celebrities to fun charity challenges and stunts, and allows charities to endorse the fundraisers and collect their funds. Where this model becomes even more interesting, is when corporate sponsorships come into the mix, allowing companies to publicly back employee started dares by matching donations.
    We hope to make CharityKick a great new and social way for companies to be socially responsible and show it, whilst having fun!

  • ellis | http://taniaellis.com

    Thanks for sharing Greg – your CharityKick concept sounds great!

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